Weekly Tarotscope 28th Sept – 3rd Oct 2015

My humble apologies for the recent disruption in continuity – the energies have been quite intense and, one way or another, I have found myself over-run, over-stretched, and, on occasion: overwhelmed!

Back on it now, though, with a small space, mid-space, to resume and update!


There is a slim opening of opportunity for you to aspire through at the moment, and this is as the direct result of your past actions – right actions, that have brought you to a position of self-assuredness, autonomy; authority and accomplishment. You have travelled a long road of learning/healing, to be able to adorn your current standing and position with a mantel of your heart’s desire, passion, and true purpose. You have proven worthy of the great responsibility that accompany your ability to show off your strength and prowess through this authentic version of Self, and you are looking to the future – especially the immediate future (mid-week) through very mature perspectives and without the majority of vulnerabilities you would have once expected or feared. Situations don’t even look as secure and stable as one might have hoped or needed, but it seems as though you are more than confident that you are more than capable of finding your way through this next transitory stage, without the restrictions that had held you hamstrung and anchored, until recently.


Indications at the start of your week suggest that you will be bearing the weight of intense, overwhelming energies yourselves, and it’s hardly surprising (as a water sign), that you should be particularly affected by the lunar eclipse and the full/blood/super moon whose influences we are under right now. The presence of the 7 of Cups in this instance is telling me that ‘opulence’ may be a particular ‘problem’ – ie. too much of a good thing – or that certain things, whilst apparently joyous in nature and worthy of your engagement (could be a loved one or a favoured and rewarding vocation or past-time) can be draining your energy and resources, causing you to spread yourself too thin. Maybe too much is being offered or bestowed upon you, and as grateful as you are; you actually don’t have the time/space/inclination to accept or get involved, with 100% authenticity? You may appreciate the irony, mid-week, of feeling stuck between a rock and a hard place, whilst realising that if you dislodged yourself there’s a fair chance you could slip down through the narrow crevasse that’s pinning you to safety: in a cartoonesque free-falling plunge toward the depths of the distant, dusty canyon floor below – just like Wily E Coyote! This could be a chance to re-write the Road-Runner re-run, and to see yourself scramble to some kind of giddy balance, with only the bare minimum of external attachments, accoutrements and adornments to worry about or have to juggle. A momentary pause to find your feet and to look back at the opulence and/or the overwhelming, to make sure you are satisfied with your assessment and retention of that which you consider to be most of value, before you are ready to end the week and begin the future with a new-found determination for the attainment of a new version of Self – particularly in the material sense. The energies are representative of a more hard-headed approach, particularly in business, tempered with a keen and enthusiastic voicing of value, honour and integrity.


I have a sense from your cards that you have nipped something in the bud or allowed yourself to be stopped in your tracks, without very much resistance, which amounts to you missing out on pursuing a dream or promoting an ideal aspect of yourself. Certain ideas and beliefs that you allow to restrict you and keep you rigid, fenced in and pinned down are the very concepts that could be making you feel warm, tactile, organic, encompassing, and full of potential. You are encouraged and may be directly invited or called by mid-week to revisit the past with nostalgic fondness, and explore an era of innocence, vulnerability and cheer. You may have more than one reason to wish to avoid this. Something was pushed under the carpet by someone’s foot, whilst full eye contact and an unfaltering normality were maintained throughout. An impenetrable shell developed to encase this incident, though an almost visible or symbolic impression of what’s inside remains. Herein appears to lie the antithesis, the antidote, or the mirror cause and effect of the very thoughts and beliefs with which you wrangle and frown at, whilst allowing them to undermine progress and prevent you from owning your full power. You are even more inclined by the weekend to want to avoid emotional head-spaces and favour a more practical, logical and business-like approach to your immediate future, but that feels a little as though it’s the awkward aftermath and sensorial smarting from an unexpected slap in the face – not wanting to draw attention nor look a wimp so head down, keep marching!


You may be showing your true capricious natures at the start of the week – in fact, you may have been developing these current traits for some time… I feel that situations (or characters in your emotional life, whether family, friends, colleagues or partners) have been providing more than their fair share of love, support, sustenance, etc, in what had been mutually-conducive, beneficial and previously enjoyable and much enjoyed set-ups with favourable conditions. It doesn’t feel as though much has altered in the manifest world – only your own take – and potentially that includes taking-for-granted. You may find yourself back-pedalling somewhat, by the middle of the week, if you find yourself a little too much out on a limb for your own liking. Precarious territories may unnerve you more than you might anticipate, given your normal ability for agility, and you may not fully trust the safety-net that you wouldn’t usually require. Don’t be surprised if you feel worn out, weary and drained by the end of the week, though try to avoid that with forewarning and pre-empt minimising the load you could bring on yourself this week, going as steadily as possible. You may find yourself looking externally for strength, answers, or opinions. This may be a good thing if you truly need and have access to sound, unbiased advice from someone trustworthy with your best interests at heart, or the valued opinion of an expert/professional, but be mindful of not undermining your confidence or power this week (emotionally shooting yourself in the foot) as the best person to guide you to your own solid truth is you.


What a gorgeous set of cards you have! The message is really strong, short and very sweet! The beginning of the week shows total harmony and domestic bliss but the kind that assumes the world is your back yard! Where and whatever home is and whoever constitutes your clan – right now – regardless of seasonal fluctuations or necessary surgery to your family tree – even aspects of Self and understandings that may appear alien to anyone else – these are the energies of arrival – or the return to familiar-ity that exude a sense of ultimate recalibration with heart and soul. Midweek sees you climbing even greater heights, in that you are able to move forward, more emotionally balanced and sentient than ever; willing to seek further enlightenment through that which may have eluded or illusioned you before. At the end of the week and over the weekend, you are delivered yet another boost from your already shiny, fluffy, squidgy reading as it depicts an extremely noticeable increase to the depth, quality and beautiful intensity of any roller-coaster heart-racing relationship(s) you step-up gears with…!


Your cards indicate that you are seeing things very clearly, and on particularly deep levels, with wide panoramic views and yet still more peripheral vision. This energy is very self-assured and calm, as if you are just watching, waiting. There is a lovely sense of emotional balance and a willing openness to, or the recent action of having listened to both sides of a story or dispute. Another attribute that may be shining through (otherwise it is to be encouraged!) is your readiness to afford yourself a similar level of nurturing and t.l.c. as you extend so effortlessly and unconditionally to others. The cards offer several days of patient fortification, as you continue to bide your time – feeling not exposed but free and liberated in your nonchalance toward vulnerability, languishing in your poise on the tip of metamorphosis for taking flight in your own time. You have ample comfort where you are, with no real need to move on, anyway. The weekend energies are showing your strengths and aptitudes are verging on inimitable. You may well get whichever ultimate sign or signal you’ve been waiting for – if not some other kind of inspiration, leading to even greater clarity than you began this illumined week with.


The messages for your week centre around your home and social life. You may be feeling or addressing a sense of isolation and separation from friends, loved ones, or society in general. You may need telling to get out more! You may have been having some necessary down-time and been a reflective recluse or you may have received an avalanche of circumstances that have made you fit for little else other than keeping your own world on track, albeit a bumpy one. Particularly if this resonates on a more personal level beyond the physical relevance of social isolation, and you have found yourself emotionally detached or separated from your immediate family: the cards are advising that you focus throughout the week on nurturing your most nurturing relationships – more-so if you are a parent or care-giver of any other description. Home really is where the heart is for you this week, Aries, and your heart (as well as the heart of any other who relies on synchronising with your pulse) needs to be helped to remember its purpose and feel truly alive. I get the sense that you may have become over-strong; hard-headed and spikey-minded; and that you are to be reminded – intellectually and emotionally, of the immoveable force of grace and the power of gentility  – but, most of all, of the cleansing, restorative, and life-supporting qualities of love.


Your relationship(s) department looks more than a bit healthy by the end of this week, Taurus; although that status may take some extra work, relinquishments, and persistent, patient application on your part over coming days to achieve. It is likely that your ideas and directions, no matter how keen, sharp or on-point they may well be, need to take a back seat, and good old-fashioned, conventional – even relatively inefficient means allowed to prevail. This goes beyond conceding or bending to another’s will, desire or control. There is more to come to the surface yet, once the energies of this Supermoon start to de-intesify, around Tuesday/Wednesday. Someone is a long way outside of their comfort zone as it is, but you will receive mid-week revelation(s) about the true or greater nature of this, along with the source(s) of the issue(s). So, please be patient with your own progress, and with anyone else close-by who seems on the surface to be undermining you and scuppering your plans. There really is more to this than meets the eye – things that you would and will make many allowances for, as total game-changers, given the full low-down on the circumstances. Your patience and other virtues will do more than score you brownie points – you will attain a deeper mutual understanding and appreciation; love and respect, of Self and with at least one other significant person in your life. The outcome to your overall progress despite this delay to or deviation from your itinerary is not looking too shabby, either! Trust and be flexible.


What a Cancerian set of cards we have here! The Moon; The Hermit; and The Empress all make appearances, in their varying aspects. Starting the week under these intense lunar energies of your ruling planet: you are, perhaps, feeling more than your usual vulnerable and tender at this time. Fear and insecurity may have already lead you to a very isolated and lonely place, but this is set to intensify too and around mid-week you could require rescuing and saving from yourself or some self-imposed oblivion and obscurity. Panic could be evidently full-flow already, or it could be setting in, and this would be the exacerbating factor behind any potential frenzy-whipping or raking up of deep feelings concerning expectations of mistrust, treachery and paranoia. There seems stark contrast between those heightened states of anxiety and the energies I am receiving from the Empress – as though there are certain places/people of safety – maybe a partner or a child – or even the traditional Mother archetype – the one place you hold dear and sacred, where you find yourself at peace and all is pure. This energy or person is your sanctuary; acting as your buffer to the damaging things you are subjected to as a sensitive on a daily basis; and reminds or reaffirms to you the qualities you exude but are incapable of connecting with and displaying otherwise, when you are feeling so emotionally ravaged and broken. Your batteries will be recharging again by the end of next weekend from this infinite perpetual torus of love – even if this is only accessible and achievable through the power of visualisation and imagination; by indulging in fantasies, from within the depths of your cave.


Two words for you: easy, tiger! It seems you are rocketing in to this week with so much gusto, you could be about to develop a massive speed-wobble that could cause you to veer and crash, completely off course. Please learn to walk a little bit first! Your ideas, inspirations, and the way you can generate positive leads from thinking, acting and speaking out loud in an impressively affirmatory manner can leave all around you blown away with astonishment and wonder, but you have an air of the Sorcerer’s Apprentice about you. You have a mature and established set of outlooks, indeed, but your nerve/resolve and ultimately your conviction remains as unruly as your tendency to think in very concrete terms, for fear that your heart may burst in and rule your busy and rigorous head. By the time you have allocated your many, many thoughts within the parameters of the structures, roles and criteria you have generated for their own good (though occasionally and out of habit; for the sake of it); there are more thoughts spewing forth at the rate at which your machine settings have been allowed to rev up to, and you may find yourself overwrought, trying to back-pedal, un-agree , reduce options and obligations, and generally scrabbling to tame and subdue the onslaught of returns that your relentlessly enthusiastic efforts have produced. You would serve yourself better to remember that alchemical processes follow a set series of stages and procedures, including those of distillation. Breathe steadily throughout and pause, in between your actions. Wait to see what comes back, before you generate more. Otherwise and by as soon as mid-week you could also be finding it difficult to back-up in the real world that which you have constructed in the ether. In other words: opportunities could present as direct results of your hard networking, organising and cosmic ordering, but you may not have the means, the finances, or other essential resources to be able to take or follow them through – unable to put your money where your mouth is, undermining the very maturity you were feeling so defined by at the start of the week. Depending on your circumstances: this could have a serious impact on your material situation(s). Elements of financial security, domestic or business arrangements and property/properties may be implicated. On an emotional level, either way: feelings of extreme insecurity and up-rootedness. Go easy, tiger, please…


Emotional stirrings at the beginning of the week may make you feel reticent to move forward too bravely. The intensity of the moon and a pull of strong intuitive tendencies you could be feeling already may possess the ability to make you want to stick with the devil you know, just for a little longer, whilst you ascertain full confidence in how best to proceed. It is possible that you may fall for the illusion of false security, or a false economy, in preference of facing changes, if you are already experiencing an unsettled disposition. These are fairly restrictive energies, to say the least, for the usually most gregarious, lion-hearted amongst you. You may refuse, by mid-week, to accept or display any propensity to appear naive or uneducated, as you are looking forward, optimistically, toward a near future time of less vulnerability and a stronger, more solid foundation upon which to build your new and more organic-feeling material success. It is absolutely fine at this stage to ‘fake it whilst you make it’, without committing any major frauds or outlandish deceptions in the long-run; providing that you realise that your catching up to speed must involve a willingness to both look at and address your material and physical situations and pre-conceptions – maybe even your personal finances, in a completely new and different way.


The majority of your week is characterised by a considerable amount of continued hard work and effort put in to the releasing and letting go of hard work and effort! I am getting the sense that you have been sifting through and organising the chaotic debris from many causes of tribulations from your past, and preparing them, thoroughly, in readiness for their imminent dispatch. As yet: and for a number of conscientious as well as co-dependent reasons, and as the week commences; you are still shouldering this now very neat, streamlined and well presented version of events, as if they were a bag of tent poles, bound together as one efficient stack (where once were the final, treacherous rounds in a game of Ker-Plunk!) Be assured that you have reached the penultimate stage of this final test with these particular karmic marbles, and that your sanity will be preserved or restored just as soon as you graduate by willingly losing them! It is more than possible that by mid-week you could literally halve the number or amount of outdated structures and emotional weaponry from the past that you have been and are currently carrying. It may be that you had designs to bear them forward to a place or point of honouring somewhere special, so you could see them off to your own standard of reverence, but realise the true and negating ironies within such an idyllically intended yet inevitable imbalance, and simply drop those sticks where you are standing and cut to the chase of pursuing your own happiness, unburdened. The weekend energies are portrayed in a far more frivolous light and we do see the potential for happy, bubbly, and giggly times! Cheer and quirkiness seem to be heading your way, with a generous serving of emotional grounding through kin-ship. Embrace any opportunity to spend the weekend amidst the company of like-minds, engaging only in activities and immersing yourself in energies that are of a frequency/vibration compatible with and conducive to your own authentic joyous self.


Weekly Tarotscope 7th-13th Sept 2015


A sweet message for you this week, Virgo! In a nutshell: keep taking moments to steady yourself before you embark or proceed; check for and pay attention to the needs and actions required to honour Self and nearest/dearest ones; and you will reap the rewards by the end of the week! Indeed: reaping seems to be the key theme of where you are heading, with a little Autumn Equinox energy being felt in advance, here. You are poised in the centre of the gyroscope, feeling things self-rectify either side of you: like standing atop the apex of a see-saw, with a foot either side, after the major knee-bends of alternating compensation have subsided. Now there are just subtle transferences of weight from foot to foot needed to counterbalance you, as you’re questioning whether or not the motion has stopped or is still stopping – possibly able to jump off, but uncertainty surrounding the reliable nature of the situation and your own land-legs to function as well as you remember they did, long before this episode. So you wait. And you are right to do so. Balance is yours but stability and preparedness must follow. In this sturdifying time: make yourself comfortable. A good traveller will make the absolute most of and have the greatest appreciation for the relative abundance and luxury of a dry, warm stop-gap. Keep pausing, breathing and centring. Soak up the stillness of this pregnant anticipation.


It seems likely that our Libran friends may be trying to avoid some hefty life-changing lessons at the moment. If it saves you any time/bother: the cards are indicating that you won’t have any choice in the long-run, anyway. Whatever you can see or sense coming your way/trying to steer you in a particular direction, that you feel doesn’t suit you (or will cause pandemonium), is either inevitable or so much in your greater long-term interest that you would be advised strongly to rethink, or re-frame your position within it all. You may consider that the things you are required to leave or forego are of great value, and you may anticipate what stretches out before you paints a treacherous, desolate future. Primarily: you can’t see past the resistance to traumas inflicted and encountered with what must be razed to the ground, in order to up-anchor and launch your rickety vessel. But buried treasures are only a reward after they have been unearthed. Maybe your anchor is made of solid gold or some other highly-prized material, but you’ll only find out by ploughing through a ton of stinking seaweed, after you’ve had it all hauled to the surface. Stagnation isn’t an option.


Quite a creative and expressive week ahead for Scorps. If you are artistic in your work: something at the beginning of the week has achieved or will achieve a status or standing that will lead to a much higher accomplishment. This could be the progression of (one of) your greatest works and/or a project that will begin to reward you financially. If your creativity is expressed elsewhere, such as at home, you are encouraged to be lavish and not hold back, as the resources will avail themselves and you will garner much favour, admiration and self-satisfaction for your efforts. By midweek, and regardless of how and where you invest energies to showcase your flair – ideas and inspiration will be flooding to and through you. You may even feel as though you’ve reached certain epiphanies, with a crystal clarity of rare absolution. The indications from this and for the later part of your week heed that although you may be buzzing with a singular or even several congruent mind-set(s): you would be best advised not to make any definite or final decisions.


For the freedom-loving Sagis this week bodes quite business-like and official. You will need a clear head to tackle various intellectual avenues that you may encounter at the start. Sniffing out solutions can be best achieved when you are calm and able to use all receptors to discern the more subtle ambiences of an aroma, flavour, or temperature. By midweek: you may have a tough decision or two to make, and this or these look likely to be challenging you to think outside of your own Saturn’s cube. You most probably don’t want to accept that you need to thin out your involvements, obligations and fool-to-yourself crosses that you don’t even need to bear, and this is another reason why you are being called to be level-headed. You cannot argue with your own keen logic – only your double-edged emotions can cause that turmoil.


You have a very pleasant start to your week, with much emphasis on your happy domestic situation. There is a sense that there have been recent home improvements beyond the physical, and that people and lifestyles appear to have changed and transformed for the better, too. A higher level. Far-be-it for a Reader to ever want to dash hopes, but there is something amiss. Somehow or other: there is a boundary issue. This could be literal, relating to property deeds or developments or neighbourly disputes. If this is on a more personal level, I strongly urge the implementation or re-emphasis of specific ground-rules and understandings, if it is not too late, to avoid the later heartache of stolen dreams.


What an opulent start to the Aquarian week! You have many riches on many levels, lots of ‘stuff’! Though likely too much. Overload. Your cards indicate the need for some life-laundry, probably literal, as de-cluttering our environments certainly help us to de-clutter our minds. Beyond that: there are almost definitely certain people, circumstances and obligations that you would be well-served by liberating to their own destinies, so that you could guiltlessly detach from them, in order to move on – especially emotionally. To achieve this with most effectiveness, you are called to go within and explore (accept) your soul’s neutral space of deep knowing and personal truth. The indications are that you will be prone to resist doing so and continue to wind yourself up and down with two sides of ‘reasoning’ instead. Understand that these are the dual-helical mechanisms of the polarised pulses that form the outer casing of your vortex, but that you are capable of inhabiting the inner no-space, rather than being caught up in the flux.


To quote the song: “Where is the Love?”! Are you having trouble moving on from an emotional wounding or relationship? Are you reminiscing (dwelling) or finding it painful to get your head above water in some other sense? Your cards this week indicate a sad and sorrowful stuckness, with much emphasis of these energies being played out at home. Home doesn’t feel the sanctuary it should. Whether there have been or are quarrels, unhappiness, abandonments and other discords, or whether you are experiencing overwhelming senses of home not being where or how you’d like it – it really isn’t where the heart is. Maybe the lyric should be: “Where is the Heart?”. As boring as this may present: you’re really being called to self-nurture, self-love. This form of heart expansion will reward you far more in the long-run than any avoidance of whatever may have upset your domestic or personal bliss as it was. Looking at yourself shed tears in a mirror now will stimulate your exponential growth in joy for the future.


There is an air of frenetic and erratic energy around your cards this week, Aries. On the one hand: it’s great that you’re showing any capacities to act and feel freer than you might have been feeling until recently. It’s fantastic to witness any enthusiasm you may be exuding, now you’ve been un-caged, so to speak. On the other: you could be prone to being a little dazzled and over-adrenalized! Nice and steady, please: it’s a little like you’ve just woken up but a part of you’s still dreaming, whilst you hit the ground running; a tad whacky; and rush to perform your role as top surgeon or bomb disposal expert! Somehow or other, especially around mid-week: try to become and remain as grounded as possible. You will be implementing some really important foundation stages of something big for your future, bound up with fulfilling your potential, realising your dreams, expressing your life’s purpose with passion, etc. It is vital that you earth these building blocks well. You will be looking forward to next week and beyond with possibly too many ideas or aspects in your mind to add certainty to your plans being sustained. Simplify, calmly. Study and contemplate your options, showing no signs that you will be rushed in to any decisions. You can afford to observe things maturing over time without needing to steam in. Keep your head.


To avoid anxieties getting the better of you this week: really try to expand your perceptions of what you can cope with – especially unpredictability! I am seeing that you have grown out of and away from old ways of being but that you are resisting where that growth can take you. That might be ok, if you were comfortable with where you are, but it seems that is not the case. The trade-off here seems to be that increasing discomfort is preferable to change, the unknown, and having to think on your feet, rather than standing rock-solid, watching the world go by as entertainment. You are the contestant, the athlete this time, and it’s not in your nature to go running around like a loose canon, let alone on treacherous terrain – well; excluding occasional china shop moments…! But the discomfort is increasing, and serving your evolution is its purpose. You are, perhaps, feeling the collective fear of your Spanish cousins, forced to run the streets or around a ring in primal states of defensive aggression, pain and the excruciating chemical overload of terror and confusion. But what you are resisting could be prime conditions to activate your buffalo wings, which could elevate you away from the carnival carnage and in to a new dimension and species…


Your week begins with a streak of single-mindedness, which is not a usual territory for you! Is this actually in your interest – does it serve your higher purposes and aspirations? It feels to me a little stubborn or blinkered, and what may suffer as a direct consequence is your natural ability to express your Self and your talents, especially in a naturally creative context. By the weekend: you appear determined to stand by or outright defend many of the constructs in your life that make you feel established, secure, or even hemmed in – but who or what is actually threatening any of that, anyway? You could be missing a vital point and lots of personal satisfaction and gratification, by holding on too tightly (or at all) to things you believe to matter a great deal to you, but not entirely deeply – or by perceiving external suggestions or advice to modify your life as a reason to feel targeted rather than blessed.


There are major planetary influences affecting all of us (yes: all of the time!) so it’s not too surprising to see some repetitive themes throughout the Zodiac in these Tarotscopes. However: I can tell these are sign-specific, as the way your cards offer their similar symbols for the energies emphasize the deep emotional bearing so typical of Cancerian tendencies. Whatever the source and nature of any wranglings you may be experiencing in your emotional lives; please be reminded and accept that your extensive feeling capacity is a relatively exclusive realm that most mortals cannot even begin to imagine inhabiting. You can, do and will feel woundings more profoundly than most around you. As is your bidding – so who would understand? And this may be debilitating, at times. Find comfort. And find comfort in remembering that these intense periods are the moments before a re-set, in between adventures. You may feel weak, but the breath you are slowly grasping to catch and restore your Self IS there. Whatever midweek creative or expressive endeavours may run the risk of being hampered by any emotional incapacitation might best be re-evaluated now, before you do lose out to your subsequent regret. Otherwise: let yourself off the hook, resigned in the knowledge that you are looking forward to a time of growth and expansion, when you’re feeling better equipped and able to come back out of your shell.


There’s an amusing air to the middle of your week, Leo, though it’s part and parcel that you won’t find it funny at all! The best way I can sum it up is that for your own good someone or something pricks your ego – maybe even attacks your personality. Of course this doesn’t sound good, and it has the potential to more than steal your sunny disposition and make you cross – by being crossed. I would view this, as ever, as a welcome signpost to matters that your Higher Self wishes for you to attend to, before you proceed any further. This will be, undoubtedly, to guarantee a better job done for better results and outcomes – thus making you even prouder of yourself, later on! There is something to be looked back on or back over and to really wrap your head around, which will explain exquisitely why your buttons could be pressed so hard midweek. The fact that you even had those buttons there in the first place and why. Whatever affront to your character is of value. You may think this is bound up, reflected or displayed in how you communicate to others, how you listen to and how you perceive them (judge?), but there are re-assessments and adjustments (growth) that could be made in relation to re-cognising how you feel about your material presence (what you are doing and how you are doing it) that would be of great benefit to you now and along your path. As a starting point: take a retrospective look at the things you were so proud of about yourself and your achievements at the beginning of the week, and why you considered them ALL so worthy? At least a third of your bounty is outdated and, quite frankly, decomposing. The spores may even be invisibly toxic.

Wednesday 2nd September 2015

Numerology: 4 (Stability, strength, security)

Today is really a day of rainbows – but it will depend where we are standing and how we are looking as to whether or not we will see the glorious display of colours in the puddles, drizzle or downpours…

There is every tendency in the air to neglect the sunshine and concentrate only on the clouds and the precipitation.

This can hamper directly our ability to see clearly the choices and options available to us, and our ability to ‘know’, overall.

Personal powers in general may be undermined, and a sub-level of self-defeatism must be overcome to prevent others taking advantage of this, and to divert us away from generating any deeper mindsets of hopelessness and futility.

And the way we achieve this? Good ol’fashioned hard graft!

I’m not talking about the incessant workaholic kind of hard graft. Nobody’s going to score any points for slogging or flailing themselves into the ground, in the hope that someone, somewhere will replace the gallons of sweat and nights’ sleep lost with a row of medals.

This kind of hard graft is a labour of love. It’s a dedicated expression of our multi-coloured gifts, talents, and soul’s desire.

We are being called to utilise whatever it is that sustains us – be it food, nature, music, art, comedy, our loved ones, our faiths – to present and convey our outlooks to the world.

Imagine there is a monster in a cellar, and that we are about to release it, responsibly and successfully, back to the wilds, where, inherently and for its own good, it really wants to be.

We are creating a kind of tunnel, or birthing canal – almost like a time capsule in essence; only the artefacts are our own prized possessions – themes that represent our vital qualities and appreciations.

It may seem a little unnecessary; since the beast will be gone and hopefully forgotten about, soon, however: this is a labour of love, remember, and no such act is ever without value…

(If you’re questioning whether or not such a creature is deserving of our efforts and concern, please consider: beasts too need love and perhaps more than most.)

It shouldn’t matter overtly; whether or not our good intentions will be cognitively recognised, acknowledged, or appreciated by the primeval processing equipment of any entity lurking in the shadows.

It will and does matter to us – and to the energetic soup within which we all reside and share alike with our kin (yes, including the monsters!) that we are doing our bit to redress the balance, by reducing the acidity – bit by pleasurable bit.

It may take some time for the effects of our positive, unconditional influences to filter through in the wilds, or they may assume a more immediate impact on the released energies that may otherwise perceive this exit route uncomfortably as either eviction or escape.

Whichever way: subconsciously or directly: and by whatever means interpreted and experienced: there is a stark difference between a clinical, fearful or resentful clamouring for separation, and a firm but fair “adiós, amigo!”, to a backdrop of our finest attributes and admirations.

Meanwhile: the show must go on, and this is quite a new display.

Domestic bliss awaits us, with signs of ultra-contentment and a sense of completion.

Things may not appear balanced to begin with, but there is a higher sense of Divine Symmetry within this seemingly irregular shape.

This indicates to me that there are as yet uncharted dimensions to the early versions of this satisfying scenario, that we will only discover as we progress, so we must trust.

Look to the heart. Look first to how we may nurture Self, then share with (even nameless and faceless) others, before we look to how we might direct our will and our actions to achieve what we want in the manifest.

Following this process authentically; by default we will be serving the Greater Good.

It is important that we stand proud, outside, in the World. Honour family in whatever capacity that presents. Honour nature, especially through our pets and our relationships with all beasts.

It may be that we need to inject a little colour to our lives, directly, both within and without, and our labours of love may be best directed to this cause.

Perhaps a little decorating could be in order – maybe paint the cellar door or some window boxes in beautiful complimentary tones?

Our homes will be the secure bases to house all aspects of our emotional beings and needs. Even when we are away, in public, we will know that there is always a warm hearth awaiting our return.

With this knowledge, we can afford to get a little windswept, chilly and rained upon, without compromising ourselves long-term.

Weekly Tarotscope 31 Aug – 6 Sep 2015


To a certain extent: it appears as though offering advice to Virgos, this week, may be futile! It seems doubtful that guidance would be heeded and a wearing few days ahead may be inevitable… Nonetheless, the cards are offering the message that you are required to go easy – on yourselves, and others around you. We are still very much under the influence of the recent full moon, and emotional states are both heightened and highlighted. Don’t be surprised if you find yourselves suffering a delayed reaction to emotional stirrings that may have gone unnoticed or that may have been better contained over previous days. Whether sub-conscious or suppressed: certain underlying watery turbulence could be ruling you at the start of the week, threatening distress and unrest, including disruptions to your sleeping patterns by mid-week, if left unchecked. Time-out for self-nurturing with a gentle disposition is required. Surreal, childlike imagery in dreams could illuminate answers for you in relation to past conflicts and how certain choices and actions have led you to this chapter in your story. On another hand: you are advised NOT to rest, when it comes to pursuing a new course or direction involving creative expressions. You will have a strong idea already of what artistic skills you are destined to develop and present to the Universe, and the cards are showing that by the end of next weekend you are likely or should be encouraged to be honing these talents in the realm of the manifest. Whatever your craft: herein lies your true transformation and resolution of the past, enabling you to honour your entire life’s path and share your personal recipes to an appreciative world.


There is a big message here for Librans, this week, with all of your cards being Major Arcana. This is a massive heads-up, as it seems you have a serious opportunity awaiting your grasp. The theme is carried throughout the whole week, but the prospects are available to you right now. Take a hard but not harsh look at yourself. Try to compare, as objectively as possible, your human versus your spiritual points of view, and your capacity for strength and stamina. Are you braver; more indestructible than you give yourself credit for? Are you authentic in your motives, or restricted by your fears? It’s looking like you have the potential to complete or achieve something huge this week, but only if you dare to dream and on the basis that you recognise how capable and deserving you really are. Something has to turn around in your awareness for you to be swept away effectively as this wave of promising energy intersects your sphere, leading you to a very bright future. This is not a week for solitude. Get out there and interact, without looking desperate or seeking attention, just shine your light, quietly. You may need to speculate or spend out on something you can’t really afford, but it will be worth it, almost immediately. Something from the past needs to be allowed to fall away.


You have the starting gun in your own hands this week, Scorpio. A period of preparation is over and, by midweek, things are really taking off at great speed. To a point: I hope you were and are careful what you wish(ed) for, as it seems that no sooner does a desire pop out of you; the Universe grants that reality. It certainly is all systems go, as you hurtle towards situations that you were only previously surveying, until the time was right. There is an element of instability to this, and you could be experiencing speed wobbles by the week’s end. Therefore, and especially with regard to your practical/financial dealings: be particularly careful what you wish for – don’t even joke! Your thoughts and spoken words must be impeccably clear, and with no room for misunderstandings, misleading, nor misappropriations. Be ever mindful that you are aiming for a more mature version of these early stages, once things are better established, so allow for some teething problems and adrenalin rushes, but keep growing. Don’t plateau.


The early part of your week is characterised by the need to be heard and for some direct, positive action. You could be ignoring your own knowings, needing to air your thoughts, or ready to pitch an idea. Those in the know need to know. You’ve already over-listened to both sides of an equation and so what you have to say comes from a very balanced and grounded perspective. Feel and act more confidently in your wisdom. This energy is very solid, competent, fair, and compelling. Project yourself positively through your aura, with a spectacular array of interesting and unusual points of view, that are typical of and unique to your quirky self. Your possibilities are valid and endless. Somewhere amidst these conveyances lie solutions to your new direction. Your midweek energies depict a need to walk away from a financial investment or tether – maybe even a job or a residence – but certainly a material scenario that represents false security. You may currently view such a manoeuvre as a bleak heading into a precarious unknown, but in retrospect you will see over your shoulder that what you are leaving behind was dilapidated and would have crumbled around you, had you stayed. It may be some time before you see yourself arriving at the threshold of your next destination, and that’s because a journey lies between now and then, during which the eventualities that are encountered along the way will become your current focus, and the outcomes will formulate the destination itself.


Capricorns are being called to put some of the sticks down! You need to be forging ahead with certain inspired directions, and not carrying battles forward with you as you go. If you permit certain arguments, (especially legal or high moral battles) to pervade your week and your future, circumstances could prevail that leave you self-impaled on numerous extraneous issues, rather than being directly pinned down by them. Watch someone or something slope away in the opposite direction, confident that this will enable you to climb. But: first; back down. Cut the cords, lighten the load, and quickly get a smell of the roses, before preparing to ascend. Stop questioning loyalty and do what you know has to be done, even if it feels like you are losing control or power. Any need to control or garner a sense of power by sticking rigidly to any point – even if you are righteous in your position, stance and outlooks – will lead you, directly, to more suffering in the long-run and even by the weekend. I was given the word ‘candyfloss’ to give you – a bit random, perhaps, but maybe the nostalgic inference of clouds of fluffy, pastel-coloured spun sugar provides an indulgent opposition to the harsher, stricter and ultimately bitter line that might otherwise be towed, in front of a Grand Jury, if you stayed anchored to illusion.


Some of the messages for Aquarians this week echo the majority of what I had to say to the Sagittarians, plus the aspects relating to rigidity in the message for Capricorns, so it would be worth reading those as well. However: yours is slightly different territory and your current likeliest outcome is not so in your favour. It seems as though you may not get even half way through the working week before you have sealed your fate by NOT walking away. Death card in reverse. Whether this is a fundamental terror of change or whether there is ample ‘justification’ for why you cannot, should not, and will not end this cycle – you risk an extreme undermining of personal power and refusal of freedom from future imprisonment, for the sake of maintaining control midweek. Where you are advised to be pro-active and directive, coming purely from the higher realms of Self from herein: it appears you head straight for stagnation, suffocation, and the killing off of potential glorious bouquets before the buds had even opened. Transformation will be being denied under these conditions, and nature is calling you to be more earthy by grounding your will, and to reconnect with your own neglected energies using terminated crystals and plant medicine. Step out of – or back in to the dream.


There is no kinder way to explain how the start of your week is being portrayed, other than: you’re looking rather sneaky! Luckily; the energies are quite comedic, almost slap-stick, with the exaggerated miming of a huddled-over character creeping about, taking things that aren’t necessarily theirs, and buggering off on tip-toe, with a finger to the lips and a twinkle in the wide-eyed stare, directed at a silently acknowledged tittering audience. And the outcome for the rest of the week speaks of greatness, so this otherwise seemingly dodgy energy is allowed to sit well! Whatever it is that you’re taking with you; you’ve discerned well and it’s not just a case of grabbing whatever you can carry in a hurry. You’ll have this; you’ll leave them with that. Certain physical situations become redundant for you now, as you look to traverse a more meaningful, emotionally satisfying future. For a minute; it may look as though you are stepping back in to the past, when, in fact, you are pushing a part of it away, with your foot. A minor loose ledge on the cliff edge that, with minimal effort, you can send crumbling away down the depths to the cleansing ocean below. Having dashed those parts of yourself; by midweek you will find yourself bathing in the lap of liberation, feeling joy from exposing vulnerabilities (smashed-open, virgin rock-faces), like a cool breeze on naked skin after a sweaty nightmare. Things will come good for you as a direct result and some serious affirmations of your life’s-learnings may be presented, in no uncertain terms. Your week ends under the influence of The Magician, heralding your arrival at a newly established position of personal power. The Magician bestows an ability to manifest at will, so be careful and remember the old adage: “With great power comes great responsibility”. But, it seems you have earned these stripes well and proven your ability to responsibly command and direct at will, with whatever sneaky dealings you began your week with. Your demonstrable prowess at assimilating lessons will be apparent through your subsequent personal alchemy.


Your cards this week focus on aspects of your personality. There are encouraging signs that you are inclined to favour following your dreams, passions, and life-calling over practical matters, as the week wears on. It may be that you have peaked, with regard to particular financial/career prospects, but certainly you are looking to develop yourself in other directions in the future, and this requires your engagement now. Early on, you will already be considering, if not actively dropping a propensity to be too hard-headed about certain things. This could easily manifest as being too harsh a critic; of yourself and of others, and probably even the way you perceive the world to work, too. Some of this has been due to a nervous disposition and a need to frame everything instantly, to ensure that things were established; for security, and possibly you had been taught certain attitudes and behaviours to adopt by a harsh caretaker or two in your early childhood. By midweek; you have almost re-joined a semi-established aspect of yourself – something that may have been usurped, bypassed or abandoned some time ago and that relates to your following your true purpose. There is potential for you to remain somewhat hard-headed in your approach, even though you will be more on-track than ever to being ‘cured’ of certain mindsets – and this is your current lesson or test. You can envisage who you need to be, and how you need to be, and you’re almost within reach. Bear in mind that what you may be conveying toward the latter part of the week will almost definitely still be coming from an angle, whereas by the end of the weekend and beyond, you will be honing your expressions to be more direct and effective, from a much mellower state of mind. It is from this time forward that you will be sowing the seeds proper and so you have at your disposal a small window of opportunity for some last-minute rehearsals and the final tilling of the land…


You will be advancing from stuck emotional scenarios, but it may take you all week to get there! For the first half: you may experience delays and setbacks in your practical lives that hamper your ability to follow your dreams or purposes. Whilst these may exist for a number of external reasons; you are still working through a considerable history of consequences in your emotional realm, which still causes an element of drag to your current trajectory. Encouraging signs are that you have given up the need to fight over certain things, but you still need to exercise patience, whilst you adjust to a more peaceful landscape. The rewards are coming, but it won’t be until Wednesday/Thursday that you begin to move on, for real. By the end of the weekend: you will be recognising feelings of freedom and remember what true happiness is, as gleaned by activities and involvements you had almost given up on. You may be actively celebrating an arrival or achievement, particularly on the emotional level, but there will be outward recognition and reflections of this within your physical life, also. This comes about through your willingness to being fully present for and committed to certain endeavours, once you reach at-one-ment with your new-found freedom.


Your cards are beautifully positive, yet there’s a typical dualistic contradiction, midweek, which I am here to allay your concerns over, if possible. It seems you could be worrying about imbalances and injustices, which I am seeing could spoil or sully an otherwise peachy set-up! Family and domestic life seem particularly blissful at the start of the week, with the potential for much happiness to add extra padding to your comfort factor. Yes: things are a bit one-sided, but that’s absolutely fine, especially in accordance with the bigger picture greater scheme. Someone or something (and I’m sensing the males, or the masculine attributes) is still at learner’s phase. Some kind of pet-love keeps this in check and balanced, in its own way. Someone is more up-right and therefore reaches and aspires higher than the rest. There is a natural order to this that is perfect at this time and will be rearranged for the future, so it is and will be changeable. Try to resist viewing future outcomes as inevitabilities around the middle of the week, whenever you might be perceiving and feeling the discomfort of such current imbalances. You are heading towards a time of not only emotional, physical and practical balance but one of solid and powerful structure, that seats you all higher than you could ever have achieved on your own, and that offers stability and durability for the rest of your days.


Cancerians may be feeling the effects of the full moon just-gone more profoundly than most of the other signs. Your cards are giving me the sense that you are feeling very insular and possibly drowning somewhat in overwhelming emotions that you’d rather try and bury in your very very deepest depths. You may be anticipating the coming few days and the activities you must execute with an air of frenetic trepidation, as your nervous system gets carried away with insecurity. The thought of moving on at this stage seems an impossible illusion to understand. You don’t want to look; you don’t want to feel. The distance between competently tightrope-walking between adjacent mountain tops and the cold, clammy, black-watered chasm where you are residing in the cleft between the two is of epic proportions. The guidance is to go within. Deep-dive to unhook or unlock whatever keeps you chained to the bottom. The keys and the knowledge are in your hand, but you need to reach down to your Achilles heel and follow the links back to the anchor. You may need a screwdriver – maybe a sonic screwdriver, with the assistance of some friendly cetaceans you may encounter during your submersion, to remove a collection of fixtures that hold a whole plate or bolting bar in place. Re-familiarise yourself with both sides of your being and look inwards from these perspectives. Remain calm and well-postured. Speak only from the heart, if at all. By the end of next weekend you will have regained much personal dignity, and been a receptive party to plenty of insights.


Success seems to be your flavour of the week, and it sure smells sweet! You have a pair of aces in your hand for the first half of the week, and these spell out recognition, rewards, positive action for positive results, and multiple blessings from the Universe! As the positivity touches you, you are further inspired over the next few days, and the thoughts and expressions that you direct are golden and shiny! You will not be required to juggle so much, come the end of the week. Things appear to be much more stable, or maybe your approaches will be simplified and less reckless? Make the most of receiving whatever gifts rain over you. Relish the bestowals, and relinquish any unnecessary obligations that might otherwise stretch you beyond your comfortable means. Things can really turn around now but languish in these moments before trying to hit the ground running at this stage. Look up and look around you in all directions, but stand firm for a minute or two longer…

Saturday 29th August 2015

On this watery full moon, our emotional statuses throughout the day are likely to paint very different landscapes to the scenic stories we could be telling ourselves to portray to the world – particularly so during this morning.

For some: this may go beyond a a glaring disparity between the speaking tour’s description in our headphones and the frescos and exhibits we are viewing; to the startling discovery that some elaborately framed Old Masters are sporting vigorous wildstyle graffiti.

How do we really feel, if we inch along a sedentary conveyor belt or stand; separated from the installations by slack, red-roped cordons and an obedient disposition?

Do we find ourselves confused, disoriented and irritated? Should we demand the Curator’s head on a spike?!

Or: could we simply bin-off the so-called technology, and rely on good-old-fashioned first-hand personal experiences to deduce our own interpretations; based on the impacts we feel from each piece, and regardless of any externally prescribed historical contexts, socio-political influences, and other biases?

Do we care for or require the tinny voice of countless stuffy academics favouring the search for a singular and unobtainable truth or meaning over an individual’s existential absorption of each moment’s flair and instrumentalism?

Shall we see only selfish, mindless acts of sheer vandalism and infiltration, sent purely to deny us of the splendour and value of these optical opuses, and to denigrate our capacity for an enjoyable/educational day out?

Or: are we fully appreciative in our perception of the nerve and verve compelling such bold statements to be proclaimed and conveyed via apparently sophisticated security-breaching works of progressive modern art?

Can we discern who or what has been tagged here, to be deciphered and identified? Was this the tenacious expression of an individual artist – or the brutal handiwork of a gang?

Do we see before us a craft-y and conscience-led commentary, conversing within cartoonesque constraints; or a creatively coded calling card, delivering an imposing and personally threatening message ? Are there criminals still at large within the building, somewhere?

Today’s artsy spread indicates an underlying and denied yet overwhelming sense of disappointment. We may be surrounded by plush burgundies and gilt edges but those glistering richness’s belie the true sorrows.

Heartaches remain from past betrayals and we cannot expect ourselves to move forward with these unresolved. We cannot expect these to be resolved if we do not acknowledge them (again) first.

It is right to release and shed tears, in mourning for blood spilled in battles of the heart. Claret for clarity. Rinse well. Otherwise: continue to see red.

Subtle paralyses of personal power result directly in feelings of deflation and defeatism, and vice versa – driving us, but only loopy.

Further: behind the heavy velvet curtain in this particular Emerald City lurks a little-man-or-woman-syndrome so severe in its perpetual warrior-stance of conflict expectation: we cannot or would not choose to recognise them as a contorted aspect of ourselves.

Armoured-up to the hilt; we can self-inflict physical and just about every other version of strain through over-extensions and defiant displays of defensiveness, over protracted periods of time – our ALL exerted – to prove our impenetrability, just in case it’s ever brought into question….

We may have dealt with the majority of how this has permeated through our outward relationships in, with, and to life, however: this would-be Wizard resides in the eerie and bleak territories of behind the scenes, where private soliloquies dirge into indistinct murmuring monologues, and the only adversaries are our own Shakespearean spectres in the wings.

Around the trapdoors at this interval stage: such draped performer’s sanctuaries have amounted to self-imposed prisons, where solace from the surreality show soon morphs to isolation, in a swirling palette of overworked-plasticine colours.

But, remember: that was only the first half of our play – doh!

We need to remember our lines. It is important that we know our words, and that we neither improvise nor ad lib, otherwise the plot will be impossible to grasp, let alone follow, and no fellow cast nor crew member will be able to take their cue.

Opportunities could be being bypassed, right now – either deliberately or by being overlooked.

Beware going to the ends of the earth to seek ‘final’ confirmation on issues that are already understood fully, but are not being accepted due to (fear) stubbornness and/or perceived weakness.

Coming from more than one perspective, especially when including flights of fancy, could well cause our paths to become rocky and uncomfortable, although this would prove the fertile route, or root.

We may run risks of cutting our own throats (effective communication) to spite our star-struck faces, with too many contrary/incompatible ideas, insights and arguments.

Nebulous whirlygigs will be lost on most and we may be prone to an equivalent slipperiness in our reception of compliments or gifts today.

Seek freedom from this embryonic stage in every expression.

Spell out what is needed and what is being offered, in no uncertain terms. Due diligence to our own truths should be cautiously discerned and adhered to.

Bar a number?

A break in the clouds is coming and backstage in Oz we can feel the wind beneath our wings…

Wednesday 26th August 2015

Something has shifted this morning, and the key theme of the day (finally!) is balance. This is more like it. And this serves us right 😉 We just needed to be in a place where we could remember our worth, and that there are still truly valid points and prizes to be pursued as priorities.

It’s as though we’ve just shot out from a panicky nightmare, to the sudden and immediately calming realisation/revelation that we’re awake, and safe, and it was all just a dream, no matter how real it felt.

Much like a child being distracted with an ice cream or a shiny thing, after a fall or other upset: the devastation ceases; mid-wail; and a new wave of optimism and cheer takes over, rendering the child obliviously innocent to the memory of a-moment-ago’s horror.

This could be as subtle as someone or something reminding us of a fundamental truth about ourselves, our situations, or the Universe, that leaves us simply grinning, “Oh, yeah….!”, and wipes the slate clean for us.

There is a massive message here – balance is achievable through allowance: receptivity. We cannot strive for balance, that will create an imbalance! This is an inhalation moment, not an expression of the outward, yet.

We had to be released from the nightmare. The child was delivered a distraction. Benevolence overseeing the situation stepped in to shift perspectives. It might take an external force or intervention to remind us of an obvious and preferable alternative reality, or, a friendly slap may be required, to snap us out of our hysteria.

Something has to happen to us or for us today, for karma’s giant gyroscopic mechanism to position us where we rightfully belong. Our job is to accept and adopt self-permission for this stage and be grateful for it, ideally in advance, but at least as and when we might recognise that we are in the throes of being re-placed and re-set. It would be churlish to sulk and refuse the ice cream 😉

If you haven’t already: now could be an apt time to withdraw from certain practicalities, not least to save yourself some money (and much physical upheaval) at the eleventh hour.

Some of you may find that you have no choice: as anticipated financial gain, such as work bonuses, potential wins and other successful outcomes from investments (of time and positive energies, as well as capital) do not seem to be paying out in your direction. Don’t despair – this IS in your interest. Literally.

You may feel as though you’ve been delayed – again – and must stay on the sidelines, where you’ve been for a long enough already and despite being certain that this time you were about to go out dancing again, with bells on.

Expect some cross-purposes and contrary agendas to flavour your outlooks, which are only visible at this point due to the gentle rockings of the gyroscope ceasing to swing. Keep remembering, moment-to-moment, that these are one whole, drawn-out, instant reminder – and that you are quite dizzy.

The coffers may be empty. We may not be up on our tap-shoed feet. We may not feel fully entitled to the receipt of many blessings, and we may even be sporting still the wobbly bottom lip of shock at feeling so hard done by, humiliated, and wounded.

We’ve so much unspoken, so much unheard – to narrate all the very important details of the nightmare would take so long. And yet: we’re fine. No real need. We’re just relieved to find that things are not as we’d feared, and we’re keen to move on – in a second, when we get our breath back.

The energy of today’s cards reminds me of screen-printing. I could be discussing the same themes and concepts in terms of post-washing machine, car wash, or other turbulent cleansing process, with much the same relevancy. However: this feels specifically more structured, artistic and placid, in its brutality for our own good.

It’s a definite ‘wipe’, but it also feels as though there’s a tangible history of careful pre-planning and design, as well as some painfully precise surgery gone by, for carving out parts of Self, in order to create the stencil through which we are preparing to express our injection of colour – and that moment is going to be golden.

As the day/the week and beyond plays out: we will see how we are better off for having less things to deal with – even if they are the very things that matter(ed) to us most. We will appreciate this was not the best time for being granted easy passage toward certain rewards or dream futures, after all – even if we have more than earned and deserved them by now.

Take this as a final trip around the assault course. We’ve been through it, and through it. Each time we failed at an obstacle we’ve had to return to a re-start point and go again. We’ve battered our heads against certain activities, until we’ve either worked out the correct approach for tackling the same adversary or, eventually, developed the skills, techniques and stamina required to counter them, successfully.

We’ve been bruised and bloodied, and we’ve sweated and cried enough to refill the murky swamps and freezing cold plunge pools that we’ve had to renegotiate, time and time again.

We’ve been so caked in sun-baked mud and grime that it’s literally hurt our faces to smile, sometimes. We’ve felt so broken we’ve found ourselves, countlessly, at the point of wanting out of this; the final level of the game and the challenge of the ultimate conquest, or boss-fight.

But, now: we’ve been granted a break, a shower, and some clean clothes. We’re being handed an ice cream for sustenance, in the form of being shown a solid path, leading all the way through and around the assault course.

A light-bulb flickers back on and you wonder: who did tell you you had to push yourself so hard?

We’re not at boot-camp. We’re our own Sergeant Majors, but we don’t need to lead ourselves (nor anyone else) with any rod(s) of harsh military authority. Reclaim this as a bully-free zone. Clean your internal act up, and assume the posture befitting of your true status.

Enjoy the graduation ceremony, the pay-rise (in arrears), the ample pension, and fill your combat boots on the perks and spoils of knowing you could nail that assault course in record time, but that you choose to not have to prove it.

We’re not being made to wait and we don’t have to try. We’re merely being afforded the chance to exercise poise and deliberation, if not least to avoid traipsing dirt all over our carpets, when we finally get home.

Weekly Tarotscope 24-30 Aug 2015

Apologies for missing out my fine feline fellow fire-signs last week – this week, we start with you:


The message for you here is very strong. It seems you are breaking out of a period of stagnation or procrastination, which was brought on by a distortion of clarity or truth. You may have been feeling somewhat paralysed of late, not least on the emotional front, which is understandable: if you had not been sure of something; not been given the full facts, or worse; been intentionally mislead. As the week begins, we see the lion begin to grumble, in anticipation of letting rip with a gargantuan roar. A steely determination sets in, even if you are still unsure as to what it is that you are being determined about – or rebelling against. Time to break the bonds and break the bounds. If you’ve been blindfolded and shackled: these burst off you now, as you flex your ample muscles, a pussycat no longer. By mid-week you will have your clarity and you will know absolutely what it is that you have to do. There will be no two ways about it, then: you should have received the credit for something that has somehow been bypassed and, as a direct result: you know there must be much more achieved through sweat and hard work to compensate for this oversight, and to get you where and with what and whom you rightfully-deserve.


Virgo’s week seems to embody the culmination of some major life/emotional testing. Perhaps at first reluctant or cautious: soon, you will find yourself on the other side of a long drawn-out lesson (or, most probably, cycle of repeating themes) – in seven days’ time. Where you start the week looking apprehensive about coming out of your own shadows; tentative about displaying who you are, what you are about, the talents you have and the desires you have to put them to use: you’re sitting pretty by Wednesday – elevated beyond your own emotional turbulence and thoroughly non-identifying with many of your past traumas, through which you have been filtering life and judging yourself upon, for a long time. By the end of the weekend: you are finally ready to leave behind a huge chunk of your deep-seated feelings associated with betrayal and grief – severing the cords of various heartaches, rejections, abandonments, and painful memories of dishonourable dealings in general.


Libra’s forecast is very similar to Virgo’s, only slightly further advanced, in terms of trajectory! Whereas Virgo’s message involved an internal evolution to the point of being able to cut cords from heartaches: Librans takes it a stage further, after starting the week already post-recovery. Your message is all about re-joining the world anew in a physical sense. Any times of recluse could have a line drawn underneath them now, as you are advised to follow any urges or invitations to be sociable and to put yourself ‘out there’. Prepare for adventure as new horizons beckon. You may only go so far as around the block, but you’ll discover a new way of going and see sights you could not have anticipated, otherwise. You have loyal support at your heels with oodles of perpetually willing guidance to offer, which you may be taking for granted, not paying too much attention to, or trying desperately to ignore, if your No.1 fan is too persistent, or too persistently “nice”. Feel free to appear absorbed in your exciting new environments and like you know precisely what you’re doing, but just remember that you can find yourself suddenly cold and in the dark given any situation, when you might just appreciate some company and comfort…


You are being called to exercise patience and grace for most of the week, Scorpio. Whilst to begin with you may be encountering frustration at things not happening (or not at the rate or pace you think you would like them to!), you could realise that some of the timing delays are in your favour. A part of your impatience is due to the fact that you would rather not stand still or quietly, for fear of having to face yourself and listen to the bubbling feelings you would rather be burying with busy-ness and distraction. Mid-week provides optimum opportunity for you to be able to both seek and gain closure on some emotional issues, if only you choose to acknowledge them as having surfaced and allow gently their release. Your external circumstances are being held until you can shed these woundings, and this really is a gift stage in your journey, so please be brave and work with it to work through it. Continue to exercise gentleness upon and around yourself as you enter the weekend – things will begin to flow nicely again but remember to keep taking it steady and remain authentic to your higher/deeper needs.


There is much ado about walking away from heartbreak in the cards for many signs so far, this week, and you are certainly in with the in-crowd in that respect, Sagittarius! I hope you will feel an appropriate sense of lightness and liberation as you begin your week, since you are most definitely growing apart from what could be described as an ‘adolescent’ episode in your recent emotional past. You won’t feel the need to keep looking back and dwelling on what’s gone before and you’ll know this is true because your viewpoint(s) by the end of the weekend will be so different to the way you’ve been framing those episodes to date. Your modern take on previous, spent events and decoded meanings carried therein will hold no mystery, intrigue, nor interest for you – the energetic charge will have been diffused – your agendas and pay-offs as-were will be no more. There is a very distinct inference that domestic life should take priority over career and business this week, especially around the middle period. Finances may be tight but they would be better spent, invested or kept to one side in favour of your personal domain (including family), wellbeing and lifestyle, rather than on prospecting or even paying for all of your official/commercial obligations on or ahead of schedule. Stoke the home-fires heartily and you will receive the most abundant of rewards.


Capricorns look set for a potentially wobbly and precarious time, if some levels of immaturity aren’t brought in to hand, asap. It’s pointless to advise getting yourselves grounded, as you mountain goats are adept at tripping up and down sheer rocks faces and bouncing off of precipices, like the original Olympic-standard four-legged Parkour champions that you are! That kind of activity epitomises the mid-week for you guys, not least in your financial departments. This same, monetary realm is also where I am seeing most need for you to man-up (says the Queen of Coins, in reverse!) and own your wisdom. Perhaps more than a slight degree of tenacity’s required? The Internet is calling, too. You may be inclined to favour an out-dated dream over actual, hard-earned experiences, particularly at the start of the week, although it may not transpire that you must give up on your vision altogether if you still feel genuine passion around the concept… there just must be a more grown-up and relevant way of going about it, nowadays.


Your scenario is a curious one, Aquarius. Your mid-to-end-of-the-week cards and overall themes are those of almost stall-worthy anticipation. Far removed from hesitancy or procrastination: this is considered deliberation and patient, detached observation. You’ve either managed to avert a disaster at the start of the week, or you’ve retracted yourself from being caught in the blast of one. Either way, whether you are surveying the fall-out or contemplating how things would have played out, had you allowed them to, or not known better than to allow them to – you’re taking some time out to review what has already resigned itself to your past by mid-week. And you’re staying put, no going back. Everything else seems to pale into insignificance, wind down or grind to a halt for the rest of the week. It seems necessary for you and your life to be in a form of stasis for the moment, whilst you get your fill of full realisation and acceptance.


Pisceans look due for an injection of divine inspiration to herald their week! If indecision is a trait that you find yourself battling regularly, this may feel like the equivalent of a personality transplant. There is no uncertainty about you – it could impact like a bolt of lightning, out of the blue, leaving you only briefly questioning where it could possibly have come from, before you revel in the sheer power of simply knowing your own mind, for once! Unequivocal mind-set. The downside to this, as far as others around you may be affected, is that you could display tendencies of uncharacteristic brutality or mercenary behaviours in the process of meting-out your decisiveness. By the middle of the week, you may even be found piercing more than one person’s illusion whilst staking a demand for the truth, fearlessly, regardless of the pain and distress unleashed upon yourself/others involved, either inadvertently or directly. The consequences of these actions by the end of the week will see you back-tracking, having first gathered together and re-assembled all of the broken pieces, exposed issues and aired laundry that had been strewn across the landscape over previous days. Your highlighting, magnification and subsequent microscopic examinations of these things enables you to understand them from comprehensive perspectives and you can go back to their co-creators or originators with the whole lot reorganised, represented, and boiled down to one simple truth or overriding factor.


There will be pauses and delays for our Aries friends, during the majority of this week. Your cards are showing that something pretty big is being held up for you and you could well receive news to this effect around mid-week. I say news: it will be more like confirmation, as you are already looking as though you are reticent to move forward, or can’t see yourself arriving where you want to be, just yet. Your intuition has most likely tipped you off, already. If you could see riches and glory were almost within your grasp not long ago, it’s as if the giant pendulum you were riding on towards that future just didn’t give you quite enough reach. A momentary, pregnant pause and then you feel yourself swinging back and away from them, at a fairly fierce velocity. This should give you hope that: maybe when the pendulum arcs to again, once more; it may give you the height and angle required to secure your goal; next time. Whilst you are seemingly in retrograde motion, you would do well to contemplate any unfinished business, unheard voices and incomplete or un-acted upon actions that might need your attention whilst you’re revisiting whichever version of square one it is that will ultimately gain a much lighter you much greater momentum.


I apologise for the imminent stereotyping, but what a stubborn start to your week! Eyes shut, hands over ears, can’t see, not listening, la-la-la-la-la! To be fair, it does look as though there are numerous external influences and situations to make all manner of beasties feel the same as I suspect you might, Taurus. The bottom line, however, is that there IS an element of stubborn self-sabotage about you. It seems too easy and extremely justifiable for you to retreat and isolate yourself, for quick-fix face-saving and pain reduction. I would normally advocate time-out/time alone to anyone and under most circumstances, as it never usually harms to go within for peace, clarity and enlightenment. However: taking yourself out of the picture at his stage could be to your detriment: you may have some awesome skills and talents to come to the fore if you don’t shy away from their honing. A creative expression is awaiting your engagement and facilitation. By the same token: you have nothing to learn from this current situation that requires your taking yourself off or within to seek knowledge – you already have all you need to know at your disposal. I wonder how differently your week could turn out, if you weather the external influx and stay where you are; get past your own resistance to this process and didn’t disappear into solitude?


Another stuck-bunny of the Zodiac, in this week’s cards! And there goes the stereotyping out of the window – you Geminis are looking just as stubborn as the Taureans, and the first half of their forecast applies equally here, too. As a result of your reluctance/refusal to see/hear/do, you could easily find as your week progresses that you are plate-spinning and octopi-juggling way too many things, especially finances and work situations, so stress levels may be going through the roof. You really could do with coming back down to Earth and looking after yourself, before your nervous system has enough of you and tries to go and live with a nice family on a farm in the country. All of your wobbly circus skills are executed whilst you are focusing on how stuck you are, rather than accepting that you are – as well as how you got there, and how you free yourself up. Your only perception around mid-week seems to be your past – both immediate and more distant. You can’t or don’t wish to look at how you transform all of the many things that make you feel entrapped or helpless – can’t dare to imagine how you are going to deal with aiming all that you’ve got going on in to the future. This doesn’t bode well further for your wellbeing. If you are not willing to look where you’re going and maybe throw some octopi on plates ahead of yourself for later, you might expect some exhaustion and/or sleepless nights by this time next week. Make yourself rest sooner rather than later. Your intuition will guide you amply if you don’t scramble its signals. You already feel what isn’t comfortable, deep down, and you know there’s a cause for that, which could do with uncovering.


You can look forward to a week of developing passions, which is a creative way of re-wording a common theme in many of this week’s Tarotscopes – delays and frustrations! Similar to Aries: you have a fairly major situation or event that isn’t coming to fruition just yet, even though you may have considered it in the bag. Only: you’ll already know all about this at the start of your week, so the main portion of this message for you relates to inner realisations and growth. Around mid-week you could have the opportunity to really get your teeth into the nitty-grittys of at least one aspect surrounding the endeavours that you would like to see blossoming in to being. This seems almost too intimate for you – you’d rather skim over this part and be getting on with the being seen to be doing. You still embarrass too easily, and there’s a need to rein yourself in and back whilst you take stock of and develop your emotional maturity/stability. If circumstances permitted you/your life to forge forward in your desired direction at this stage, you would be adopting an extremely detached and hard-headed approach, in deficit of a more established and accomplished surety and self-assuredness. Destiny won’t let you half-arse this one.

Weekly Tarotscope 17-23 Aug 2015


Most of this week will be characterised for you by a sense of achievement at knowing you have grown from the past. You can and will be able to look towards the future now, but there is still an issue or project that you could be well advised to look at from a completely opposing perspective than that which your only-recently post-graduate self may be still convincing themselves of, currently. An emotional investment might look as though it has potential to pay dividends for you in the manifest world, but by the end of the week there will be no doubt that this is something that, ideally, your Higher Self would be choosing to be walking away from. If you really have grown, you won’t ignore that, even though the authentic course of action might appear a backwards move, initially. It won’t be, ultimately. Preferring not to see your authentic course of action would be a bigger setback.


You may feel slightly hung-up on what you hear at the start of this week. In fact: you could feel completely defeated; deflated, and give up on your dreams. There may be a hundred and one ‘legitimate’ reasons why you feel you can’t pursue your passions, right now, but taking that on the chin without much resistance could have a direct affect on your finances/material world by midweek. There is something you need to express – an idea or some valuable insights, and you need to be heard – that is the way forward. You need your back to the wind: maybe somebody else’s dynamic could spur you on, if only they knew where you were going? The end of the week could bring more frustrations regarding projects/finances that aren’t where you want them to be. As the energies this week are neither particularly favourable nor conducive for you in the mundane anyway, you might as well focus on your passions without delay, and that may make all the difference…


Emotional intelligence will define your demeanour for the first part of the week. It seems you will have an amazing ability to know, sense (even smell, almost!) and subsequently convey the appropriate information. You can handle with ease people with whom you have to negotiate and/or set boundaries, or records straight. You can come across with absolute poise, dignity and a respectful command of all situations, and you seem destined to be able to cut to the chase in establishing anything to be however you want it to be, being met with easy compliance from all external parties. This is due in part to your commitment to listening to others (or at least making them feel that is the case!) – but this is only really a patient exercise for you to check that your initial discernments were accurate -which, of course, they will be. The mid to latter parts of the week could be dominated by other people’s issues: it’s as though you may have to pack up someone-from-the-past’s baggage for them, then go out of your way to look for them to hand it all back. This in turn could clear out another bat from the belfry of your childhood that all but took your liberty and led to you self-storing in the first place.


A fun and pleasant start to your week, socialising with friends, especially reminiscing about times past, journeys travelled, and kitsch nostalgic memories. This sets you in good stead to hit the ground running with something later on in the week, though you may feel a bit as though you are still too emotionally anchored in things that had been causing you delay until recently. Thank this feeling: it will give you the opportunity to recognise where you might not be heading towards sustaining your own power in the long-run, including certain outcomes you might be hoping for at the end of the week and the weekend. Seek grounding in your material/business/official world. It really isn’t time for the big-time, just yet, and nor would you want it to be, this side of a fine line between half-cocked and solid prowess. A little hesitation now will enable you to pre-empt what’s coming with a greater sense of authority, rather than rushing in too confidently and tripping up. There is also likely something that you haven’t seen yet – it may not come to light until at least the end of this week, so best to observe from the wings for a minute or two longer… Someone’s loyalty is to be questioned…


Dwelling on the past may not prove too productive for you, at the beginning of this week. It seems you are likely to expend a considerable amount of mental energy, ruminating on what has transpired, reliving details of moments, over and over again. Not only can this leave you detached from and oblivious to your current situation and possible opportunities, but by midweek you could find yourself incredibly stuck, feeling blinded, imprisoned and utterly powerless. If this is the case, it will be mostly the constructs of your own thoughts, perceptions and ultimate beliefs that will have got you there and, if you can realise this (preferably in advance!) and think your way around these restrictions you may even find that it has been suiting you to feel powerless whilst blaming external circumstances or people for ruining things for you or simply moving out of your sphere because it was time for you to grow beyond them. You may find yourself juggling things, precariously, by the end of this week, particularly your finances and/or practical/material environments. There is no reason why you should be unsuccessful in your endeavours, even though it may feel precarious, at this stage. Just keep putting one foot in front of the other, slowly, readjusting your balance with every step. Once your Bambi-legs prove that they do have the ability to support you, you will be able to fly…


Are you trying to avert a disaster? Ignoring signs of something you suspect you wouldn’t want to face? It seems as though there could be an opportunity to eliminate a load of spent energies and entities in your life, but you are understandably wary, to say the least, of the upheaval that this would unleash. Your forecast under these circumstances is mid-week overload! Not enough fingers for all the pies on your spinning plates. Even the joyous factors in your picture could prove overwhelming this week, as you’ve simply too many things to deal with and too much other’s-stuff happening around you. There’s even a mischievous element in your environment – nothing malicious but a bit of a loose canon or maybe even irritating energy that persists in trying to jolt or joke your attention away from the heavy webbing of your many pressures and areas of constant consideration. The overall advice for this situation and particularly for the latter part of the week sounds a contradiction at first, but: stop caring, and care more! As harsh or as selfish as this may present, especially if you are a parent or other ‘proper’ carer: stop putting other people’s needs before your own! Self-nurture is the absolute answer and order of the weekend, otherwise you may seriously jeopardise your ability to support any of you in the longer term. This most likely applies to intangible concepts, such as in the interests of others’ personal growth, as opposed to any direct, physical implications.


You’re the second Starsign to be booted up the bum with the same message in this week’s forecast: do not neglect your heart’s desires! Follow your dreams – they’re your calling! There’s a fair chance you won’t be allowing yourself to even acknowledge your passions, or that you’ll supress them, post-haste, either by burying any slightest arousals or by justifying, passively, all other conditions and contributing factors to your restrictions and limitations at this time. The danger is you may miss out on a golden opportunity around mid-week, passing up or not being available for a situation that could have put you on the map, so to speak, or enabled you to claim your stake in the lifestyle you are destined to inhabit. However: this could be a good thing as by the end of the week you turn things right around and it’s like a light bulb’s come on – no messing! There’s nothing like a perceived failure to ensure a determined success. You may see too much being lost too late that you dig your heels in and, with the deeper wisdom of experience and now hawk-eyed vision, you strive forward to recover, relinquish or recreate – not least your sense of inner pride.


A bit of a wobbly start to the Sagittarian week, which is quite out of your usual, optimistic character. Feeling quite vulnerable and more than a little exposed. Clinging on to or hiding behind – I’m not even sure what (are you?) as identity and for security. This inhibits your propensity for artistic expression as the week wears on, and it’s as though you don’t want to put your name to what you create nor own your considerable talents at this time. The cards advise you to change your outlook but also indicate that on more than one level you would actually prefer to have no outlook at all. Indeed: as the week progresses, you may well find yourself having to observe certain energies literally going their own way, as you continue your solo climb, ever onwards and ever upwards. As harrowing as this may initially be, this is a worthy form of creative expression, albeit sub-conscious, as the separation almost accidentally or inadvertently enables you to shed a whole world of unpleasantly occupied headspace, freeing up what you can actually do in the physical world. There are at least two other fairly major areas of or in your life that could also be let go by the wayside, once this precedent has been set and the blockages are released. You don’t need to remain involved or even be bothered by your seeming abandonment of them, you can simply choose to leave them where they are, embedded and therefore anchored in the manifest, as you re-enter the fluidly dynamic world of aspirations with a new lease of life and reiterated direction and intentions.


A week of delays, setbacks and uncertainties beckons you, if you don’t take early measures to walk away from conflict. There may be several of you in some form of equal standing and status, all trying to achieve the same thing: seemingly as a unit whereas in fact, individually it’s every man/woman for themselves and you could be being used and/or taken for granted, mercilessly. But this is no time for teamwork, genuine or otherwise. That keeps heading you all in the wrong direction. You will not have the authority or jurisdiction in the end to execute your plans to satisfaction, unless you take charge in your own right in the meantime. You could even find things go very much against your favour, such as finding yourself on the wrong side of the law, or at least certain rules and regulations, if you don’t rein it in and reign supreme now. Certain others (who may think of themselves or whom you may perceive to be answerable to or most directive and influential) are not actually stable, as their energies and visions aren’t grounded in reality. They have the ability to hook you and others in to a cycle of co-dependence, which is at cross-purposes to the overall aim of the group and drains vibrancy from all around. You don’t have to explain your actions (or inactions!); in fact it’s another drain on you to even try. Crocodile tears would be followed closely by snapping jaws and a death roll.


Somebody needs to re-sit his or her Alchemy exam! Something’s happened in the wrong order or under the wrong conditions – or maybe there’s a pause in proceedings at a critical point of reactivity? Somehow or other (through shame?) there’s a defiant reluctance to see the current phase through as per the manual and training. You could have the Midas touch, but maybe the allegory stuck in your mind as a situation to avoid at all costs, just in case, rather than a gauge from which to heed and assimilate the moral or conditional implications? You have so many things and priceless opportunities at your disposal right now but you may fear these vehicles to success, which would, by default, sever you from cords that you do not wish to move on and away from. There was illusion in your past that was necessary for your growth and the undesirable truth came to light at a time when you were cresting on a particular wave of personal power. This served to really scupper your progress and it’s as though you are still rabbit-in-headlights, when in fact you survived the encounter and the car sped off in to the night long ago. The longer you don’t snap yourself back out of your shock and back in to your senses, the higher the probability of your becoming a sitting duck for roadkill a’ l’orange. You have a chance to really peak this time, to come out the other side of the journey that leads to emotional mastery – or mistressy, far removed from all the miserable mysteries!


The cards indicate that you will be blessed this week with the ability to silence or abate any monkey mind activity! Dilemmas and inner conflict will be minimal if not non-existent for you, to the extent of a relative holiday in your head! It feels as though you have had battles going on and things that would normally leave you in a perpetual state of edgy defensiveness, but this week you have a week off. You may be temporarily suspending the need to find answers or glean certain truths from people and situations. You may have been pushed to your limit and, like the brain/body responding to the last throes of a panic attack; something beyond your conscious control has kicked in, for your own survival and protection, and positioned you in an untouchable place. The break and breathing-space pays off by the end of the week, when it looks as though you’ve built yourself a fortress from the things that made you stronger whilst they didn’t kill you, once you’ve had chance to get your arsenal in order. I can even foresee somewhat of an amusingly maniacal fearlessness about you, which is just about whacky enough to flick the flight mode switch for even the most ardent of adversaries.